A Small Section of the World
A small section of the world
Original Song The Morning

by Alanis Morissette & Tapado

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Proceeds go to support women in coffee.
Sometimes big things come from small places
Original Song The Morning

by Alanis Morissette & Tapado

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Proceeds go to support women in coffee.

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A Small Section of the World is now available on VOD everywhere. Please click on a video streaming partner below to watch or buy the film. Look for it on Netflix beginning January 15, 2020.If you enjoyed this documentary, you can enjoy more premium documentaries like it on peacock at no cost.


About The Film

About The Film

How many hands touch your morning coffee before you?
How many of those hands are women’s?

A Small Section of the World is a documentary film that tells the inspirational story about a group of women from a remote farming region of Costa Rica whose ideas sparked a revolution in the coffee growing world.

After a crisis, the men of the village left in search of work and the women came together to imagine a different future for themselves, their families and their community by building their own coffee mill. They are the first women’s run micro-mill in their country.

The film follows the impact of this remarkable story of perseverance as it touches lives around the globe and shows how these resourceful women overcame adversity to change the culture within their small section of the world. A story of passion and tenacity, A Small Section of the World is about women’s empowerment, the risky business of coffee and how a cup of coffee can transform lives.

Inspired by the story, multi-Grammy winner and the best selling female rock performer of all time, Alanis Morissette contributed an original anthem to the film, co-written with Costa Rican artist and Grammy winner Carlos Tapado Vargas.


Written For The Film...

Multi-grammy winner and female rock icon, Alanis Morissette contributed this original anthem, co-written with and composed by renowned Costa Rican artist and Grammy winner Carlos “Tapado” Vargas.

The Morning - Alanis Morissette and Tapado
* By downloading “The Morning,” you are helping to enrich the lives of women looking to educate and empower themselves in the world of coffee. Proceeds from every song purchase are matched by the Ernesto Illy Foundation and then go directly towards providing scholarships for women around the world to earn a Master in Coffee and Economic Sciences degree and expanding the programs available to women.


Grace Mena

Independent Coffee Distributor in Costa Rica

As a founding member of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Chapter in Costa Rica, Grace has become one of the most reputable coffee exporters in the country. Grace not only oversees the production of coffees of the highest quality but also serves as president of Deli Cafe, Lomas al Rio and Nature’s Best Coffee. Her expertise and passion helped establish the ASOMOBI as one of the top coffee producers in Costa Rica.

Grace Mena

Grace Mena

Independent Coffee Distributor in Costa Rica

As a founding member of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Chapter in Costa Rica, Grace has become one of the most reputable coffee exporters in the country. Grace not only oversees the production of coffees of the highest quality but also serves as president of Deli Cafe, Lomas al Rio and Nature’s Best Coffee. Her expertise and passion helped establish the ASOMOBI as one of the top coffee producers in Costa Rica.



Associate of ASOMOBI

Laura is a founding partner of ASOMOBI. For three years, she worked as a Coffee Beneficiary and served as the President of ASOMOBI during three periods from 2006 to 2013. For her, ASOMOBI has been a life changing experience, which has strengthened her self-esteem while providing several other benefits. She currently works in the area of Coffee Grading & Sorting



Associate of ASOMOBI

Samanta is a partner of ASOMOBI and studied Agricultural Engineering and Management with an emphasis on Agribusiness and Engineering at the TEC. She has been a part of the Association since its creation, which she credits with instilling her entrepreneurial spirit. She now works as an administrator in ASOMOBI’s profit sector and takes a lot of pride in the product they create.



Associate of ASOMOBI

Ariana started in ASOMOBI 8 years ago as the Administrator and has been a partner for the last 7 years. During this time she’s had the best experience and wouldn’t change it for anything. Ariana credits the association with making her a better person and giving her the opportunity to use the knowledge she’s gained in ASOMOBI’s daily activities.



Associate of ASOMOBI

Affectionately known as the “Queen of the Tostador”, Hortensia has been a founder/partner of ASOMOBI for the past 17 years, serving as the Head of the Roasting Department. She worked as Coffee Beneficiary for two years and also was the President of ASOMOBI for two terms from 2002 to 2006. She feels fulfilled and confident about everything the association does and has said she owes everything to ASOMOBI.


Featured News

Women In Coffee: Urvashi Malhotra on Motivation

We all look up to strong, independent women. And Sunalini Menon is one of them!

by Urvashi Malhotra

Motivation – it’s a multi-layered word, full of depth and emotion. It’s what keeps us going, what propels us forward and gives one the inspiration to meet the challenges that come our way.

Just as without motivation, life would be barren, the world of coffee would surely be barren without the inspiration that coffee guru, Sunalini Menon brings to the world of coffee. In a way that only she can, she has touched the lives of an entire generation of coffee professionals, cutting across countries, age and place in the coffee value chain by providing knowledge, education, support or guidance.  Be it a coffee grower in Kenya, a producer in Brazil, a student in Italy or a coffee connoisseur in the USA – they have all received the Midas touch.

It is surprising then that throughout her childhood, Sunalini was a reserved and introverted child, believing that she had no skills at all. She did not as shine in school like her sister, was the worry of her family and teachers alike, and spent her time only in playing with the neighbourhood children, including the children of cowherds and flower pickers!

The turning point came in grade 5, when she was hit on her hand by her principal, for the red marks on her report card. She decided then that she would top the class exam of grade 5. In this difficult time, it was her grandfather who instilled faith in her abilities. “Sunamma, you can do it.”  To everyone’s surprise, play time was substituted by studies, and every morning after sneaking a few drops of coffee into her morning milk, she would read out the English newspaper to her grandfather who would gently correct her English and gave her the encouragement she needed. Little Sunalini looked within herself and focused on her strength with the goal of topping her class. And top she did! The utterly shocked school principal was overheard asking the class teacher, “Did she copy?!”  The class teacher, however, had noticed the light in the little girl’s eyes and from then on there was no looking back. She took her grandfather’s words to heart – dedication and efforts are a basic requirement, but in order to achieve something, you must be willing to share your knowledge. She also absorbed his keen observation of people, which went beyond the obvious – discerning a person’s background, their need and their motivations.

Another remarkable gentleman who inspired her was her Swiss mentor. She made her first international journey to learn from him with trepidation. A foreign country, a foreign language, but the 75-year-old surprised her. Months before she was to arrive, he spent 3 hours every day preparing to teach her by learning her language – English. These two kindly gentlemen were the ones who built the code that Sunalini lives by; perseverance, diligence and depth of knowledge.

It was a coffee grower who walked into her coffee laboratory one day and challenged her to do something she had never done before. “You have so much knowledge,” he said, “Why don’t you train and teach?” This was uncharted territory, but for Sunalini, a challenge was always hard to resist. It was an opportunity to share her considerable skills and knowledge, and she ensured that she taught in a way that was unique; drawing on the everyday experiences of people and helping them connect to the learnings that coffee has to offer. With each skilling workshop, the methods were made more innovative, ensuring that the trainee learnt what they would never forget. Combined with an acute sense of observation, this unique approach to imparting training in all aspects of coffee means that Sunalini has transformed the lives of many people and touched many more.

It was her intervention and skilling that gave Merlin, a young boy from a village from South India, the chance and the confidence to represent India in the World Barista Championship in Vienna in 2012.

And Shwetha, who was at the lowest ebb of her life, a single mother, received the inspiration and opportunity to complete successfully a 6-month Master’s degree in Coffee Economics and Science in Italy.

Innumerable people in the coffee word would bear testimony to the fact that they have experienced her Midas touch – encouraged and inspired to achieve beyond what they thought possible - Sunalini is motivation personified!

Available on Netflix now!

A Small Section of the World will be available for streaming on demand on Netflix. Don’t miss this chance to see how a cup of coffee can change lives. Netflix subscribers, find it here: http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/80018257

Women In Coffee: Kattia Barrantes on Never Giving Up

Women In Coffee: Kattia Barrantes on Never Giving Up

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

by Kattia Barrantes

I moved away from my job, I took over my coffee farm; I built my Kaba Café business — a coffee specialty marketer both nationally and internationally-, as well as Kaba Coffee Center, the first barista, cupping, and coffee roasting school in Costa Rica.

I take on my responsibilities from the seed to the final cup of coffee to provide the best for the client or consumer. This is what I keep as part of my purpose: never surrender.

Life, both personally and professionally, will always be full of problems and situations that weaken us and make us feel exhausted and unwilling to fight, but it is here when we must show what we are made of and what we want for our future. Faith, love, and respect for ourselves and everything around us will always enable us to find the way and the light that will lead us to success and the happiness we want.

To never give up is my daily “north star”, my “north star” in life. Perseverance is the constant, to face the obstacles and difficulties that approach us every day and to learn we can defeat them with a “Never Surrender” in our hearts and in our minds.

The joy that comes with overcoming barriers and the lesson learned from never giving up are cause of satisfaction and daily growth. I am what I am today because, from an early age, I understood the meaning of these words, and I always promised myself that, even if others did not believe in me, I would never stop believing that I was able to make my dreams come true. But all in good time, since to never surrender is like a war; many times you know you’ve lost a battle, you acknowledge it, accept it, and assume the mistakes. Then, you work on it to finally win the next battle decisively.

Tune-in Wed 1/14 @ 9 pm ET on Pivot TV

Tune-in Wed 1/14 @ 9 pm ET on Pivot TV

Don’t miss the premiere of A Small Section of the World on Pivot TV next Wednesday, January 14th at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT.

NYC Theatrical Run at Quad Cinema: Fri 12/19 - 12/25

Don’t miss A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD on the big screen in New York City this week at the Quad Cinema, Friday 12/19 - 12/15. Visit the QuadCinema.com for showtimes & tickets.

Give & Gift: THE MORNING by Alanis Morissette & Tapado

By giving the gift of music, you can help support women around the globe who are looking to educate and empower themselves in the world of coffee.

Proceeds from sales of the original song THE MORNING by Alanis Morissette and Tapado, featured in A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD, will be matched by the Ernesto Illy Foundation and donated to fund scholarships and programs to enrich the lives of women in the world of coffee.

Donate & download “The Morning” today as a gift for a friend, family member or co-worker.

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LA Premiere: Thurs Dec. 4th @ 7:30 pm + Panel Discussion

LA Premiere: Thurs Dec. 4th @ 7:30 pm + Panel Discussion

Please join us for the LA Premiere of A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD at the ArcLight Cinemas on Thursday, December 4th at 7:30 pm. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion at 8:40 pm with director Lesley Chilcott, LA Magazine’s Mary Melton, journalist Daniela Ganoza, Mandalay Picture’s Cathy Shulman and Zoe Nathan from Rustic Canyon.

Get tickets now: https://www.arclightcinemas.com/movie/womens-empowerment-through-food-culture?lid=1001

Special Screening with IWCA & SCAA: Fri Dec 5th in LA

Please join IWCA, International Women’s Coffee Alliance, and the Specialty Coffee Association of America for a special screening of A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD on Friday, December 5, 2020, at 7 pm in Hollywood at ArcLight Cinemas. After the film we’ll have a panel discussion with the SCAA’s Carolyn Fairman, Jennifer Galegos from IWCA and the film’s director Lesley Chilcott.

Click here to buy tickets.

Women In the World of Coffee: Ines Ciza on Generosity

Women In the World of Coffee: Ines Ciza on Generosity

No person was ever remembered for what she received: she will be remembered for what she gave.

By Ines Cizna

In July 2013, Burundian women in coffee received a donation composed of 60 goats from an American organization called “Burundi Friends International.” Goats may seem like a strange gift, but for these Burundian women they were not just “goats”: they were a means to fertilize their coffee trees, have healthier coffee cherries and get more involved in their plantations.

As Burundi has its traditional culture to help and love each other; even Burundian women grew up with that culture. When those Burundian women in coffee from Busiga (Ngozi province) and Mparamirundi (Kayanza province) received those goats, they made an agreement in front of all the other women in coffee that didn’t get a goat.

The promise was that when it was time for those goats to give birth, they would give the kids from those goats to those women in coffee who initially didn’t get one. These Burundian women in coffee shared their donation so that other women in coffee had the chance to have the same benefits for their coffee plantations.

In September 2014, I went back to those regions with the delegation from Burundi Friends International and the President of IWCA Burundi chapter (Mme Isabelle Sinamenye) to see with my own eyes how those women in the coffee industry did indeed accomplish this promise. These Burundian women in coffee are generous and have the spirit of sharing with others. It is their real generosity toward the future that lies in giving all to the present.

DOC NYC Panel: Danielle Sacks Interviews Lesley Chilcott & Grace Mena

Following the NYC premiere of A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD at the DOC NYC Film Festival on Friday, Nov 14, Fast Company‘s Danielle Sacks discussed the documentary film with director Lesley Chilcott and independent coffee distributor Grace Mena who is featured in the film.

Women In the World of Coffee, India Edition: Urvashi Malhorta on Change

Women In the World of Coffee, India Edition: Urvashi Malhorta on Change



What change can one person bring? Correction: What change can one woman bring? Hamsini is one such woman who can and did bring change and made a difference, a difference that few stalwarts in the coffee world would be able to emulate.

Married into a coffee planter’s family, Hamsini had a background in financial management. She had earlier worked in a stock-broking firm, managing investments and building portfolios; planning for the long term.

She put this talent to good use when she became a homemaker, living on the plantation for 4 years. As early as 1998, while the menfolk would be busy with planting, harvesting and selling the coffee to coffee brokers, she put her data management skills to use in an unusual direction. She started collecting data on the various fields, mapping their yield, analysing their short-term as well as long-term performance, and predicting where the best yield was likely to be. However, despite her efforts and predictions, all the coffee from the various plantations was still being sold to brokers and traders.

Hamsini’s dream was to bring their carefully nurtured coffee out of the oblivion and anonymity of bulk-traded coffee and give it an identity of its own. A few years ago, with encouragement from Mrs Sunalini Menon, she stepped into uncharted territory. No one in the extended family had ventured beyond established trading relationships. Hamsini travelled to Australia and built a partnership with “Five Senses”. After the visit, she was even more determined and convinced that she would succeed in marketing and branding the coffee. Once again, she relied on her computer and data management skills, but this time she extended the analysis to taste profiles. It also meant doing things differently on the ground, and processing various blocks differently.

The possibility that Hamsini saw resulted in the emergence of four different brands of coffee. Today, their coffee is sold in Australia, Korea and Germany under the brand names Veer Attikan, Mountain Trishul, Mountain Ganga and Mountain Vana. Today, Indian coffees have gained recognition in the world market, but this has happened only because women like Hamsini have been bold enough to make a change. A big step for her as an individual and a shift in mindset for her family resulted in recognition and pride on a world platform.

Today, she has buyers knocking on her door, booking the coffee months in advance. Some return with less than they had hoped for. With the additional revenue, Hamsini can plan to set up a roasting and blending unit. But it is education for the girl children on the farms that tugs at her heart. She sees their happy little faces, content with living in isolation, happy to let their brothers go to school while they stay at home and do the housework, the way it has always been. This has to change, thinks Hamsini. And knowing Hamsini, I am sure it will!

THE MORNING by Alanis Morissette & Tapado: Out Now

The original song THE MORNING co-written and performed by Alanis Morissette and Carlos “Tapado” Vargas is now available for download or streaming.

Please check it out on the following services:

The Morning on Spotify

The Morning on iTunes

Watch the music video for The Morning on Vevo.

Proceeds from sales of THE MORNING will be matched by the Ernesto Illy Foundation and donated to fund scholarships and programs to enrich the lives of women looking to educate and empower themselves in the world of coffee.

THE MORNING Music Video Premiere by Alanis Morissette & Tapado

Check out the premiere of THE MORNING music video — the original song by Alanis Morissette and Tapado for A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD — along with a great interview with Alanis about the project on today’s The Hollywood Reporter.

Proceeds from sales of THE MORNING will go towards scholarships and programs to enrich the lives of women looking to educate and empower themselves in the world of coffee. Donate by downloading the song on the MUSIC section of this site. 

DOC NYC Festival: Nov. 14

A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD will have its NYC premiere at the prestigious DOC NYC film festival on Friday, November 14th at 5 pm. We are honored to be included in the incredible lineup at this year’s DOC NYC. Get your tickets now here.

Upcoming Screenings of A Small Section of the World

Don’t miss your chance to catch A Small Section of the World at the following film festivals, special events and theaters.


WED NOV 12 @ 03:15 PM - U.S. State Department in Washington, DC: GET TICKETS


DEC 04 - LA Premiere, ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood, CA

DEC 5-12 - Los Angeles Theatrical Run

DEC 19-26 - New York Theatrical Run

Women In the World of Coffee: Rose Karimi on Inspiration

Women In the World of Coffee: Rose Karimi on Inspiration

I Am My Inspiration: The Strength of a Woman
by Rose Karimi (Kenya)

Did I mention that I am a daring woman? Yes, I gave birth the same day I traveled from Nyeri to Nairobi (200 km distance) to visit the Nairobi Coffee Exchange: an academic tour that is scheduled only once a year and for all students.

I got pregnant with my second child while undergoing my certificate course in coffee technology at Dedan Kimathi University. My relatives and friends had suggested that I terminate my studies to take care of my forthcoming baby.

Deep inside me, I had the will with a very positive attitude that I would make it. “How will you all handle this?” they asked with care.


After a lengthy talk with my husband, he was willing to fully support me: financially and morally.

Back in Kimathi,  I worked extra harder in class since I had not only to study but to take care of my two-year old baby. My due date was early May. But wait a minute; my baby was born in mid-April!  But determined as I was, I would never miss any activity outside class, let alone class work.


I woke up on a normal day, but with slight discomfort. I prepared myself and joined my colleagues for the educational day ahead.

The journey was swift to Nairobi, learning was enjoyable. The discomforts intensified by the time we were driving back to Nyeri.

I was taken to the hospital the same evening and after two hours, baby Njeri was born.

And only three weeks later, I was back in class completely multitasking! I had to look for a small house around the university vicinity: I was living in an area with only students around with me, my kids and the nanny. I looked awkward, but I didn’t mind. I had promise myself that I will exclusively breastfeed my baby for six months. Surprisingly, I managed to do that and continue my studies.

I performed quite well and my family cheerfully celebrated for me during my graduation.

The wise saying goes: they who travel faster are those who go alone, but those who go farther are those who travel together.

This journey could have been tiresome and heartbreaking, but without the support of my family, I couldn’t have gone this far. Life has been exciting, full of activities and growth. Being a wife, a mother and a manager hasn’t been easy, but I count myself among the heroes.  And remember: all the so-called ‘secrets of success’ will not work unless you do!

Premiere in Costa Rica: Nov 4th

A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD, which chronicles the transformation of a village in Biolley, Costa Rica, will have its theatrical premiere in Costa Rica on Tuesday, November 4th at 7 pm in San Jose at CCM Cinemas, Plaza Lincoln. Director Lesley Chilcott will be in attendance as well as the ASOMOBI women whose stories are central to the documentary, making this an extra special screening and momentous occasion for everyone involved in the film.

Indie Memphis Film Fest Screening 11/01

If you find yourself kicking around Memphis, TN, this weekend, don’t miss the screening of A Small Section of the World at the Indie Memphis Film Festival on Saturday, November 1st at 11:15 am. Click here for tickets.

International Perspectives at DOC NYC

by Sarah Salovaara

DOC NYC’s International Perspectives program offers viewers a glimpse into the lives of others from distant corners of the world.

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness is a behind-the-scenes look inside Tokyo’s world renown Studio Ghibli, the production company behind such animated classics as Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Pom Poko. A profile of two of the Studio’s biggest names, Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, Mami Sunada’s film is a graceful exploration of the artistic process and the friendly rivalry that fuels their work.

Lesley Chilcott’s A Small Section of the World centers on a different kind of collective, as a group of Costa Rican form a coffee-growing company called ASOMOBI, to offset the economically dour plight of their sons and husbands. Read more about La Asociación de Mujeres Organizadas de Biolley and their efforts here.

43% of 2014 DOC NYC Features Directed by Women, But Where Are the Films About Women?

By Inkoo Kang

It’s generally not hard to find female-directed features at documentary film festivals, since women filmmakers face less obstacles in the nonfiction world.

This year’s DOC NYC Film Festival (November 13-20) is no exception, with 43% — or nearly half — of the 91 showcased features directed or co-directed by a female helmer.

But it’s still a little disappointing to see that less than a fifth of those features — only about 15 or so films — are specifically and explicitly about female subjects. We’re happy to see so many women behind the camera, but we’d like to see more women’s stories, too, especially since the studio movie industry routinely underestimates the appeal of female protagonists….

Biolley and Coffee Tourism on Yahoo Travel

How Coffee Tourism in Costa Rica Is Transforming Lives

By Leah Ginsberg

Coffee is the lifeblood of many small towns dotted throughout the coffee-growing regions of Costa Rica. So what happened when all the men left the town of Biolley in the Talamanca Mountains region? The women came together to imagine a different future for themselves, their families, and their community by building their own coffee mill, Asomobi. They are the first women’s run micro-mill in their country. 

A new documentary directed by Lesley Chilcott, the award-winning producer of “An Inconvenient Truth” follows the impact of the project and shows how these resourceful women overcame adversity to change the culture within their small section of the world. The film, “A Small Section of the World” is about women’s empowerment, the risky business of coffee, and how a cup of Joe can transform lives. It will be premiering in San Jose, Costa Rica on Nov. 4 and also playing at DocNYC Film Festival in NYC on Nov. 14. It opens Dec. 5 in Los Angeles at the Arclight Theatre.

Coffee isn’t just big business in Costa Rica, so is coffee tourism. Thousands visit the Talamanca Mountains region —where the film takes place — and the nearby La Amistad International Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tours of the women’s Asomobi coffee bean mill are also available. 


SSOTW at WFF 2014

This weekend A Small Section of the World had its World Premiere at the Woodstock Film Festival 2014. Director Lesley Chilcot and co-producer Maresa Wickham were in attendance and hosted a lively Q&A after the film’s screening. We were honored to be part of this wonderful festival. Here are some pictures from the weekend in Woodstock, NY.



Lesley Introducing Film_resized_101914

Lesley Introducing Film_WFF_resized

Sunday Screening Theater

With WFF Power Women Team

WFF Review on Examiner.com

By Jacqueline Gurgui

Making its world premiere at the 15th Annual Woodstock Film Festival is the documentary ‘A Small Section of the World’ set in the festival’s World Cinema lineup. Filmed in phases over a one-year venture, director Lesley Chilcott beautifully accounts a group of women from a small Costa Rican village that went from running a small disorganized coffee production to a successful high-quality company now included in the worldwide Illy coffee brand blend. What goes behind the beans? A persistent strife, passion, and love for the work in order to provide for an educated future generation….

Built from the ground up, these coffee producers known uniquely in Costa Rica as “Asomobi” wanted to lift up their economically scant lifestyle in order to support their families and send their children off to school. Initially self-taught with no profit, burning beans accidentally, small facilities, and no administrative experience, these women were able to advocate for their livelihood and prove to a distributor that they could truly produce to sell. Through practice, training, and motivation, the company is now just a couple years shy of twenty years old.

“I have to get this story out there in the clearest way possible. It’s very important to show what they went through,” says Chilcott after her very first public screening. Chilcott weaves in early-day found footage from subject and student Samanta’s father, beautiful opening shots of the dripping beverage, workers picking and drying the beans, the coffee-baring landscape, and first hand interviews with founders, staff, and distributors. With producer Maresa Wickham, Chilcott and she took their organic and compelling archive of material back from Costa Rica to create a heartening community piece that exemplifies family values and female empowerment.

Despite the revenue-building tourist lodge burning down, despite a slow start and business challenges, each woman’s devoted hand at the entire coffee-making process is clear: what they gain from their close-knit group ranges from their community successes to national recognition. Who knew the reason Illy tasted so good is part credit to a Costa Rican flare from the hands of inspired women? And the original final song “The Morning” from Carlos Tapado Vargas and Alanis Morrisette sets the final moving touch, coffee bean sound effects and all.

World Film Premiere: Oct 18

World Film Premiere: Oct 18

Join us at the 15th annual Woodstock Film Festival for the world premiere of A Small Section of the World on October 18, 2020. Director Lesley Chilcott will be there for a Q&A after the screening. Tickets and schedule information available at woodstockfilmfestival.com.

Savannah Film Festival: Oct 27

Don’t miss the screening of A Small Section of the World on October 27th at the Savannah Film Festival. We are honored to be featured in this incredible festival hosted by the venerable Savannah College of Art and Design. Tickets and schedule information available at savannahfilmfestival.com.

In Their Own Words: ASOMOBI

The Association of Women Organizing Biolley, founded in 1997 by a group of women from the community Biolley with the challenge of fighting to improve the lives of the families of the community and the surrounding towns of the International Park La Amistad, through the development and strengthening of productive and managerial capabilities that have led us to project ourselves as successful entrepreneurs in the community and the region. We started with a group of 19 women from the community are currently Biolley and 30 associates; we share one vision and mission.

Thanks to the dedication, hard work and tenacity of our partner, we have become subject to financial and technical support from national and international donors who believe and trust in the capacity and leadership of the group. Although our organization is composed of female members, ASOMOBI has always sought to extend the benefits to families, so companies that currently manage, follow this line:

1. Roasting coffee is grown by our families and husbands, to eliminate the middleman.

2. Coffee roasting and milling (capacity 1,000 bushels) or processing of coffee berries.

3. Rural tourism around coffee and La Amistad International Park (PILA), where accommodation services, food, tours, transportation and other offers.

ASOMOBI is headquartered in Biolley, Canton district number eight Buenos Aires, Province of Puntarenas.

The ASOMOBI’s paradigm for producing quality coffee has cultivated a strong reputation, attracting the support and business of illy Caffé.

Women In Coffee

Benefitting Women around the World

The International Trade Centre’s Women In Coffee reports a direct link between helping women raise themselves and their families out of poverty by working in coffee production around the globe.

The ASOMOBI women and their coffee cooperative featured in the film represents a new sustainable model that can be emulated around the globe to help improve the lives of women and the families in other coffee growing regions.

Education and access to resources that support these kinds of sustainable practices is the key to combating this issue.

In March 2014, the first Women in the World of Coffee Conference took place at Illy’s University of Coffee in Trieste, Italy. Influential women were invited from around the globe to come and share their unique stories and experiences to educate, inspire, and support other women in the coffee industry.

Proceeds from Alanis Morrisette’s song “The Morning” featured in A Small Section of World will go towards education and scholarships for Women In Coffee and will be matched by the Ernesto Illy Foundation.



The women of Biolley, Costa Rica, bound together after the men in the village left to seek work in 1997. The result was ASOMOBI, a self-sustaining program granting each female member the ability to make a sustainable living by creating coffee of the highest quality.

Women In The World Of Coffee Conference

Women In The World Of Coffee Conference

This conference is responsible for fostering the revolution for women in coffee by providing education and access to the next generation of women in the industry. A variety of influential speakers share stories and projects in an effort to make resources readily available for women from every part of the world.

International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA)

International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA)

The IWCA’s philosophy is to empower women in the International Coffee Community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives. The Alliance continually strives to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry, from seed to cup.

International Trade Center

International Trade Center

The ITC is committed to their goal of establishing women’s associations in the coffee sector. In cooperation with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, the ITC helps empower women through a national and international network of peers who work together to solve social and economic issues.

The Ernesto Illy Foundation

The Ernesto Illy Foundation

The Ernesto Illy Foundation’s mission is to cultivate and develop knowledge, ethics and sustainability as a method to obtain truth and progress for people all over the world. The foundation pursues objectives of economic, social and cultural growth in every initiative it supports.